Johnson-Melloh Bundled is a team formed of professionals with real-world experience and application knowledge. Our services are provided to offer you what you need for long-term energy and operational predictability.

Energy Assessment
Our team has experience in evaluating, proposing, installing and monitoring systems for schools, universities, commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities as well as many other facility types. We can assess the use of energy, and the potential long-term savings for your organization’s facility with services and products available.

Rebate Consultation
For many commercial properties, business or institutional facilities, systems or products are in place to capitalize on rebates and incentives. In some unfortunate cases, there isn’t a program in place to fully realize what is available. Let Johnson-Melloh Bundled help you understand, and even be rewarded fully with what is available, based on what you currently own.

Turnkey Installation
Johnson-Melloh Bundled isn’t going to sub installation work for any of the products or services we offer. In fact, our team has been formed based on knowledge and experience in everything we sell. Whether it is a product, service, maintenance or installation, if it is part of Johnson-Melloh Bundled, turnkey installation is direct and you can rest assured that it is done with experience, integrity and the highest level of professionalism.

Service Agreements
The products that we offer and the advantages that come with them aren’t fully realized if any part of the system has been neglected. Oftentimes, customers have had products as part of systems installed without any plan to ensure that they are performing to full potential. A service arrangement will provide the necessary checks to ensure that credits, warranties and manufacturer warranties are extended.

Maintenance Agreements
Whether new or old. Regardless of brand or system design and install, the product-types and strategies that fall under the Johnson-Melloh Bundled umbrella of services and products are considerations for our maintenance program. Extended warranty assurance, uptime guarantees and regular checks are just a few of the advantages of JM Bundled’s Maintenance program.

Services providing what you need and only what you need is why Johnson-Melloh Bundled may be your answer. Contact us, and let’s figure it out.

Products sold direct are part of the Johnson-Melloh Bundled Services Promise. Go to our Products page to learn more.